Direct Mail Products

Direct Mailed means Direct Customers

KDR Marketing knows the direct mail business. We have 25 years of experience driving business’ messages in to the hands of consumers. We are experts at delivering your message and helping business’ grow. More and more we see that direct mail pieces is able to bring an ROI of 7 to 10 times the initial investment! This is because direct mail pieces have a genuine call to action message, which will direct your business model to a more direct results approach instead of an abstract impression.

Local Businesses That Have Benefited With Direct Mail Pieces

KDR Marketing’s Direct Mail Products

DAL Postcards

Our DAL Cards offer your business the opportunity for a free standing direct mail piece at a fraction of the price. You will save time and money because our DAL cards work in conjunction to our Money Save Magazine zones. Utilizing this option will improve your business’ bottom line because they cost less than an actual postage stamp ! This popular advertising form is available to only 1 advertizer per month per zone, so reserve your Spot TODAY!

EDDM Cards

EDDM Stands for “Every Door Direct Mail”. This means that we can target a specific postal route with the United States Postal Service, and these cards will target any one on that route. So not only can you choose a specific town or location but you can dial it in to hit every home on a postal route within that town! EDDM pieces are also bigger than the DAL options. This gives your business a better opportunity to include more information and pictures to help you drive targeted traffic through your doors. EDDM Cards can be sent out at any time, on any schedule you want, so start designing your business’ targeted message today!

Database Mailing

Database Mailings will give your business the opportunity to target specificdatabase mailing lists which can encompass all the markets you desire. There are several to choose from, target a specific age, demographic, or residential value that you want! You name the mailing to create and we will go out and do the research and work with you to come up with the best program for your business. Database Mailings is the most targeted approach to direct mail advertising and will give you the most customizable program which will fit all your business needs.

Door Hangers, Posters, and Business Card Design and Printing

Let KDR Marketing worry about all your miscellaneous printing needs. We offer everything from door hangers, to posters, and business cards. Our expert team of sales personal and graphic designers will work closely with you for all your print advertising and printing material needs.