Meet Our Team!

Kimberly Mecikalski
Sales & Marketing Manager

The “Ace” Kimberly is the Sales & Marketing Manager at KDR Marketing. Over the last 5 years, she has worked with every industry across every market that we serve. In addition to managing her own accounts, and the sales department, she works closely with our team to develop and create our products and services. With the advancements of our products, she has increased the number of calls her clients get year after year.

If you have any questions about any of our products and services, or if you want to speak to the woman in charge then call Kimberly at 630-894-0934 Ext.224

Ken Pedersen
Digital Marketing Manager

Ken Pedersen is amazing.  From the wikipedia bio: After defeating the Carthiginians in the second Punic Wars he was greeted at Rome with Triumph. During the parade in his honor he personally stopped the carriages to allow an old woman to pass which led him to quickly rise through the Senate ranks and be elected to the position of Emergency Dictator to Rome.  After ending the German invasion, he left this post and moved to The New World, joining the ranks of the privates to defeat the invading British.  It was suggested that he inspired John Winthrop to immortalize the country as "The City on The Hill"

He was part of the first and second Constitutional Convention where he led a fierce debate against Alexander Hamilton and is said he proposed the separation of powers system we have today.  After serving he journeyed west to Oregon and struck Gold leading to the Gold rush in 1848.  This is said to be the inspiration for the popular game "The Oregon Trail".  He rose to high esteem when proposing the first re-engineered computer model to Steve Jobs in his California garage.  He now serves as the SEO specialist using the skills he learned while being a founding member of Google to increase organic positioning for KDR's current clients.

Larry Guthman
Senior Account Manager

Larry Guthman is an experienced senior account manager with First Choice Media/ KDR Marketing. For fourteen years he has serviced many of the company's largest accounts. Larry has held the title of salesman of the year for twelve consecutive years. His communication and account management background goes back for over thirty five years. He prides himself on providing his customers the best value and service possible. He specializes in service businesses of all types and specialities. Larry works closely with his customers, providing them specific marketing and advertising solutions for every business. Reach Larry at 312-749-5778

Irv Silverstein
Senior Account Manager

Irv is an enthusiastic, energetic individual who prides himself on his advertising and marketing experience as well as his interpersonal skills. Irv has been an advertising account rep since 1986. During his career he has won top honors for selling the most business and growing his revenue base. In 1990 Irv was only 1 of 3 master award winners. He went on to win 3 consecutive years 1990 - 1994. Irv was a 2001 Chairman’s Club Winner under Yellow Book, as well as Yellow Books Canvass Leader in Increase in 2007. Awards have continued since joining our team in 2009. Since then he has helped a number of local businesses grow their yearly revenue. Irv loves fishing, grilling, photography and being with his wife and 3 boys (one of the canine variety) To speak with Irv Call him at 224-766-0685.

Ed Jungmann
Account Manager

Hello my name is Ed Jungmann. I've been helping businesses grow for the last 3 years. Before that I was in the restaurant business for a total of 11 years. I have a beautiful wife and three amazing boys. I am a sports junkie! I enjoy sailing, traveling and spending time with my family! In 2006 I was a part of Collaboration 2 that finished first in section and third overall in the Chicago to Mackinac Race. I am sharp, focused and ready to help grow your business. Please give me a call and let me be your marketing consultant. To speak with Ed, call him at 815-382-6855.

Jim White
Advertising Account Executive

Jim White has been with KDR Marketing for 6 years now. His number 1 goal is providing his clients with a well rounded advertising campaign, the best customer services possible, and making himself available to them anytime. No matter what your budget is, Jim White is eager to help you reach your advertising goals.

Jim takes pride in seeing his clients’ businesses grow and he is continually looking for innovative ways to help keep the trend heading upward.

Sales Support and Illinois Snowmobiler Magazine Account Executive

I have been with KDR Marketing for 4 years. I started out as a runner (meeting with clients, dropping off ads, picking up payments) I now provide sales support to the KDR team as well as work as an account executive for the Illinois Snowmobiler Magazine.

When I am not at work, I LOVE being with my 6 year old son. I also enjoy shopping! My favorite holiday is Halloween and I am a die-hard New Kids On The Block fan. I can be reached at Ext: 229

Lin Bruhn
Sales Support & Billing Coordinator

Sales Support & Billing Coordinator for 9 years with First Choice Media now KDR Marketing. Ext 225. My primary responsibilities relate to supporting the sales force as well as our clients in regards to order processing, billing,
and relations. I most enjoy music, dancing, and sports. I am an avid Chicago Bears and Chicago Blackhawks fan. The most important thing to me is my family - 3 daughters and 2 dogs Bear and Timon. I can be reached at 630-894-0934 ext:225

Janice Krzywicki
Production Coordinator

Production Coordinator for 10 years with First Choice Media and now KDR Marketing. Ext. 227

My primary responsibilities relate to our print product, The Buyer's Choice Guide. After a sale, I take the customer's art from the copy sheet through to the final proof. I work closely with the customer and our art department insuring that each ad has correct information and graphics. At the close of an issue, I am responsible for making sure the final proofs for each ad and any listings appear on the pages under the proper headings. I am also involved with the creation of our on-line coupons. Using Photoshop, I create the coupons for our hubs and coupon sites on the internet.

When not at work, I enjoy being with my family and their children. I currently have two grandsons, Reier and Owen and I am waiting anxiously for grandson #3. I am an avid collector of handbags and have quite a collection. Whenever I go shopping, the handbag department is usually my first stop in any store. I always make it a point to look for quality at the right price, as well as whatever appeals to me at the moment.

Greta Goldman

Profile Coming Soon!