Relationship Marketing

Our goal at KDR Marketing has always been to develop firm, long standing relationships with our clients. We try our best to make sure that whatever your advertising program is, that we take the time to explain it to you, whether it be; results, statistics, data, basically whatever you need so you have peace of mind that your program is working.

As an internet marketing specialist, I am constantly frustrated by some ways that other marketing agencies treat their clients when it comes to digital advertising programs. Let’s face it, the sheer complexities of what you can do with your business, whether it be through an: SEO program for your website, Facebook and social media marketing for your brand, or through an SEM campaign can be daunting. It is this last example of digital marketing that I want to speak more about.

SEM Campaigns can be great for your business. It can drive traffic to your business immediately and help you build up a customer base while your SEO efforts are ongoing. However, in order to effectively use CPC and SEM campaigns for your business’ advantage it requires constant vigilance. Someone needs to manage the campaign for you, constantly making tweaks, making changes, making sure that you ARE NOT WASTING MONEY.

Think about it like this, if your business is selling insurance for one agency and someone clicks on your ad while searching for another company’s contact information it results in nothing for you. Literally nothing. You just wasted money. Another example would be if your company’s adwords are showing for a service in a territory you don’t cover. What’s the point of a resident living 50 miles away clicks on your ad when your service area is within a 20 mile radius. Again, you paid for nothing. Most people think Ad Words campaigns are (to borrow from and as seen on TV product) a “set it and forget it” mentality. However, the reality is far from it. Ad word programs should be managed by someone or a business who knows the ways to get your business the most for it’s money.

Why am I thinking about this today? We had a client meeting this morning who is running an SEO campaign with us. They are also running an adword campaign program with another national marketing company..When I was taking them through their analytics and explaining their results my client reported that when they asked information about their ad word program, (even offered some basic suggestions on how to improve) they were told by their representative, “Don’t worry about it, just let me do my job”. Don’t Worry About It?? My clients are spending their hard earned profits to get leads to their business, and you can’t even be bothered to do what they asked? What is even further egregious, your client asked you for something, asked you for an explanation of where their money is going, and you as their personal representative, couldn’t be bothered to actually give them what they want? UNACCEPTABLE!

This reminds me of another situation where a client who is running a very effective advertising program on our print publication, The Buyer’s Choice, was using the same competing marketing agency for their Ad Word management. They were investing thousands of dollars with this company and when the client asked to just simply meet with a representative from the business, was told a firm, “No”. How insulting. Trusting one of your most precious elements in your life, your business, to an agency whose SOLE PURPOSE is to make sure you get leads and your business grows. They tell you “No” to a simple meeting? That makes no sense!

This is exactly why KDR Marketing is trying to change the game. Trying to change the way companies should trust the businesses they use to get them what they want. I have a reputation of constantly keeping in touch with my digital clients so that I can work with them to explain those complexities of digital marketing. That is what the future of advertising agencies should be; a resource for all questions whether it is print, digital, social media marketing.

If you have an adword campaign that you would like me to take a look so I can offer you advice in order to ascertain whether it is running effectively call me today. If you are just interested in a free website analysis I can do that as well. Call me at 1-630-894-0934 extension 223. Let’s talk and go through some things together because that is what I am here to do for your business - actually help when you need it.

Ken Pedersen
Digital Marketing Division
KDR Marketing

What is an Online Hub

Hubs are a shared Seo Program which means you are lowering your liability of performing SEO on your site, by sharing the SEO costs with several other businesses that are in your field but may not be in direct competition with you.

SEO is comprised of three things:

  1. Relevant Content on your site which matches the keywords you want to go after

  2. The size and analytical data of your site - ie; how many people visit your site and how long they stay

  3. The amount of times you update your site.

The beauty of a shared SEO program is that when you are part of it you are lowering the cost and time investment of what you have to do to your website and giving you a platform to advertise your business with other services in your industry. So if you are one of the site and someone else joins we are in fact adding relevant content, adding keywords for their business, and updating the site all at the same time.

How does this benefit you? Well now when someone is searching for something for their home you are garnering just as many impressions for your business as someone else!

New Website Launch - Animal Trackers Wildlife

Web Design and SEO Service Launched.

We were extremely proud to work with the great team at Animal Trackers Wildlife of Hoffman Estates on their brand new responsive website design and are excited to continue and offer SEO services. The site has been up little over one month and already they are garnering excellent positioning in Google search for numerous keywords and communities.

Built in wordpress this brand new mobile friendly website has a lot of really cool custom features. Customer graphics were used throughout the site. One of the key goals of Animal Trackers Wildlife was to have a way for people to diagnose their wildlife problems. Using a combination of video, audio, pictures, and content this website accomplishes just that.

New Direct Mail Campaign Launch - Glenbard Family Dental

Direct Mail Campaign Launched.

We were extremely proud to work with the great team at Glenbard Family Dental of Lombard Illinois on their new Direct Mail Campaign.

Using a combination of DAL & EDDM Postcards we were able to provide them more direct mail coverage for a better rate than the competitor of ours they worked with last year. We are so excited to hear about the great response they will receive as a result of targeted marketing and these beautiful postcards.