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Is Your Business Noticed? KDR Marketing Is THE Solution

KDR Marketing is a full service direct advertising and digital marketing firm located in the heart of Hoffman Estates, Illinois. We specialize in helping businesses grow. It doesn’t matter the size of the business, it doesn’t matter the type of industry, KDR Marketing will ensure any business’ future through the myriad of products that we can offer your business, to answer that one important question, "Is Your Business Noticed?"

Providing Quality Marketing Services for Over 25 Years

KDR Marketing has been serving the Northwest Suburbs for the last 25 years with all of their marketing needs. Whether it is a beautifully designed print platform piece, or a stunning eye catching website, we can make sure you business is noticed. We are dedicated to establishing relationships with our clients. Gone is the day of a one time meeting, we believe that in order to ensure that your business is noticed, we develop long lasting and strong relationships which will pave the way for the future success of your business.

A Team of Highly Trained Marketing Advisors

KDR Marketing also employs experts in each specialized field, so you know who are you speaking to about the future of your business will give you the best advice, (even if we’re not the result!). We are a marketing firm focussed on one thing, the relationship with your business to help it grow in the future.

KDR Marketing Specializes in 4 types of advertising, Direct Mail & Postcard Solutions, Direct Mail Print Publications designed to feature your business known as (The Buyer's Choice), Magazines specifically designed to feature your business’ special offer, (Moneysaver Magazine), and finally digital marketing solutions that will make sure your business gets seen online.

KDR Marketing is your number one choice for advertising solutions for local business in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, and digital marketing for the world. You can rely on us so that next time someone asks you, “Is Your Business Noticed?” you will only have to reply, “Yes”.

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